2014 Biker Calendar Project

by admin on December 26th, 2013

We had a great time creating a 2014 calendar as a charity project for a local biker organization dedicated to helping kids. We had all volunteer models, hair stylists and make-up artists. The whole project was completed in less than three weekends with calendars printed and distributed for sale. All proceeds are going to assist the kids. A big thanks to all who assisted in this effort!

April_DSC3313  August_DSC2847  Cover_DSC3240  December_DSC3091   February_DSC2779_1  January_2015A_DSC2599  January_DSC2701  July_DSC2882    June_DSC3021  March_DSC3229  May_DSC3004  November_DSC3060 October_DSC2731_1  September_DSC3263    _DSC2721  _DSC2667  _DSC2591




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